"The Eve of Independence"
(captured live 7/3/99)

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Download the live song Liberty & Responsibility [3.8 MB]

Liberty & Responsibility
(The Ballad of the Freedom Fighters)

I read another Sunday paper that made my heart sink
It seems their gonna raise more taxes to take our guns
They freed more murderers and rapists, which made me start to think
?Why should growing weeds be a felony for my son??
You know they pushed me past the limit a long time ago
Lettin? rich guys make the rules and playin? us fools
So I?m declarin? my intention to invoke the constitution
and if they don?t like it they can kiss my tools!
And when they try to come for me, they?ll get a surprise
You see, I figure that an honest man must be... simply left alone
I think I?ve got some company, just about all my neighbors believe
Americans will die to be free, and we?ll defend our home

We could change the whole damn mess if we?d just stick together
Their ol? ?divide and conquer? fails when freedom is our goal
Black, old, white, young, bold of any gender,
refuse to be controlled or to surrender
It starts when we demand our hometown stations play this song

In case the clowns forgot the Bill of Rights let?s re-acquaint them
Like our rights to speak and publish freely, and to keep and bear arms
To secure our body, homes and property against government intrusion
No bureaucrats? subversive acts repeal these laws!

Liberty, Responsibility (New Party!)
Liberty, Responsibility (New Parties!)
Liberty & Responsibility...
Overthrow ?em with your vote!

Lyrics copyright 1999 Dean DiSandro. All rights reserved.
Used here by kind permission.

We regret that the MP3 audio CD "The Eve of Independence" is no longer available. (So, if you already own it, hold on to that collector's item!) Watch for the upcoming release of Alter-Nation's live music video DVD "The Eve of Independence (captured live 7/3/99)". One segment of the song "Liberty & Responsibility" can also be found on Alter-Nation's Change The System! CD.

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Alter-Nation and are Trademarks and Servicemarks of Eclectic Properties Corporation. Used here by kind permission.
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