Music has been called the universal language.  We agree:  Any sound draws attention; Yet rhythms stimulate the body; Intervals create emotion; Melody and harmony engage memory.  Beautiful and timeless stories have been told without a single word passing lips.  And when poetic lyrics are added the result is perhaps the most powerful and enduring form of communication ever discovered by humanity. The Alter-Nation Project is committed to promoting provocative music. Our private archives contain many songs which are otherwise unavailable through retail channels, and are available as free download to our paid members.  Click Here to Join Now. If you are an independent composer/performer creating music which promotes the values demonstrated on our web site, we would like to help you and our members find each other. Please contact us at Eclectic Artists Publishing .

#1       Alter-Nation  "Change The System !"
     Our namesake band cranks out 33 tracks of audio plus 20 minutes of  interactive multimedia on this two-CD set!   Just as impressively, this self-produced D.I.Y. studio debut would make major label engineers and execs proud.
     As the title implies, this CD is packed with progressive social commentary.  The foursome's energetic music ranges from Art Song to Punk, Folk Ballad to Old Time Rock'n'Roll, Ska to Boogie, Reggae to Progressive Rock, Metal to Hip-Hop, and even a bit of Bluegrass/Country, all wrapped as provocative theater.  Includes dozens of digital artwork images, video, MP3 bonus tracks, and 24-page booklet packed with mind candy.  Both entertaining and thoughtful, this set offers many hours of physical gyration and mental exploration.

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(ROCKIN' R RECORDS - 2001)  RNR1002

    Rockin' R Records' S.L.O. Compilation  "Cycle"
     Check out the hot college music scene on California's wild and wonderful central coast!
12 songs by 8 bands: Jester's Dead, Alter-Nation, Turnaround, One Cent Spent, Pure Dope, Zenopolis, Oxygen and Dusk.
     This music covers a wide range of pop, rock, ska and punk styles.  From summer-fun dance tunes like "Surf Song" and the energetic and zany "Food Fight" by Jester's Dead, to Pure Dope's grunge metal fan pleasers "Get 'em on the Run" and "Chosen of the Sun", Dusk's powerfully mysterious "Sona", and the Jeff Beck-esque virtuoso guitar playing on Zenopolis' "Love & Hate", these well crafted songs are guaranteed to make you want to sell your home and move out West.

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(ROCKIN' R RECORDS - 2000)  RNR1001

     Alter-Nation  "The Eve of Independence (Live)"
     This "bootleg" CD captured Alter-Nation live on their very first public performance: The evening of Saturday, July 3, 1999 (the night before 4th of July, "U.S. Independence Day", get it?)... a packed house, invitation-only show at the Rockin' R Ranch's studio showroom.  
    This crystal clean 16-track digital ADAT recording bottles the raw and forceful emotion of this politically outspoken band's music theater including special multimedia and lighting (Watch for a future release of this digital video).  

     Originally published as an MP3 exclusive, we are sorry to say that the CD is no longer available for purchase  (so hang on to this collectors' item if you are lucky enough to own one!)
     Want a taste?  Use these links to our FREE download of the foot-stompin' ditty Liberty & Responsibility, and related lyrics (available exclusively via this web site!)

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